Bogus 'time share company' discovered in Wichita

Published On: Jan 09 2014 11:12:56 PM CST

This website may look legit … but the company is not.

The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office wants people to watch out for phone calls from “Progressive Strategy.” The DA’s office says a Pennsylvania resident claimed someone from this fraudulent business offered to sell their Puerto Vallarta timeshare for them.

But the contract conditions seemed fishy.

The company claims to be located at 125 N. Market St. in Wichita. But in the building directory, you'll see there's no company listed under "Progressive Strategy."

Denise Groene with the Better Business Bureau said the customer “did their homework” by checking to see if there was a business at that location. Groene also notes that scammers usually want a payment wired up front.

"So once you submit that money, and the funds are gone, you can't retrieve it," she said.

Groene says to be aware of red flags like paying up front and “too good to be true” sales tactics. She also says to get everything in writing.

"Take your time, do your homework, and know that you're working with a trustworthy, reputable business,” she said. “It'll save you a lot of heartache in the long run - and hopefully your money too."