Bacon Wave

Published On: Jan 15 2014 11:07:13 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 16 2014 01:01:57 PM CST

Everyone knows at Jimmy's Egg, you can't have the eggs, without the bacon.

"I can't give you our secret to baking our bacon,” Christy Wilson said.

Wilson is the west side manager at Jimmy’s Egg.  We asked her to help us test the "Bacon Wave."  The microwave bacon tray claims to separate the bacon from unwanted grease, so you have bacon with less fat, calories, and cholesterol.  You can buy one for about $10.

"Place bacon, fat side up in slots, allowing bacon to extend half an inch past each end slot,” Christy said, reading the instructions.

The “Bacon Wave” says it can cook up to 14 slices.  But Christy could only fit five because she used a thicker cut.

"For as much as it extends, we're only able to fit that much in,” Christy said.

She put in the two skewers and microwaved the bacon for about five minutes.  When it was done, Christy noticed the grease pooled at the bottom of the tray.  Christy said some of the bacon was done.  Other pieces looked a little raw.

"It seems to cook it really uneven,” Christy said.

Christy tried a cooked piece.

"It's crispy.  Taste like bacon,” Christy said.

Christy compares the bacon cooked with the “Bacon Wave” to the bacon she baked at Jimmy's Egg.

"There's no consistency in it, so we couldn't serve it here,” Christy said.

Does the “Bacon Wave” work?

"It does work,” Christy said.

But just not to her standards. 

Christy added this could work for a family.  You're just going to have to figure-out the ideal cut and number of pieces of bacon you can cook well in your microwave.