Bacon Bowl: Does It Work?

Published On: Mar 26 2014 10:26:20 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 03 2014 05:20:24 AM CDT

The Riverside Café knows what its customers like to see on the menu.

"This place stays alive on its regular business," manager Asher Ricketts said.

So, it's no surprise, you'll find a few items with bacon.

"I've got the chicken bacon ranch, I've got the grilled chicken on Texas toast," Asher said.

But you won't find a Bacon Bowl.  Asher is testing this highly-requested product for us. 

The makers say it's "the easy way to make delicious edible bowls out of bacon for fun, savory, crunchable yum." 

We got a set of two on Amazon for about 20-dollars.  That includes shipping and handling.

Asher follows the instructions.  He uses three slices of bacon.  He cuts one in half and shapes them around the bacon bowl mold.

"Bacon bowl one down," Asher said.
Asher puts it in the oven for the suggested amount of time.  While that bakes, Asher builds another bacon bowl for the microwave.  It cooks for two and half minutes.  When the time is up...

"We've got a miniature bacon bowl," Asher said.

It holds some scrambled eggs and a little piece of cheese. Back to the oven.  After 40 minutes, this Bacon Bowl isn't quite done.  But this one didn't shrink-up quite as much as the microwaved version.

Does it work?

"I believe it does," Asher said.

The directions say you should not use center-cut bacon when using the bacon bowl.  We just used regular, inexpensive bacon for this test.