Augusta woman pleads guilty to lesser charges

Published On: Jan 17 2014 06:22:28 PM CST

An Augusta woman pleaded guilty to lesser charges Friday. She is charged with reckless second-degree murder in the death of her 55-year-old brother.

According to Butler county investigators, Richard Hrejsa was shot in the middle of September, but his body remained in May's backyard until mid-October. 

A friend of May and Hrejsa reported the death to police a month after the incident.

In a preliminary hearing, May told detectives that she was under the impression that the lock to the gun was on and that she did not mean for the weapon to fire. During cross-examination, the defense argued that the firing of the gun was the result of May tripping. 

May's daughter, Nicole, was home at the time of the shooting but did not see the incident occur. She heard two shots, but was under the impression that it was possibly an accident. 

Another friend testified that the relationship between May and Hrejsa was a rocky one that had consisted of violent and sexually harassing threats to May and her daughter. 

May will return to court on March 27.