'Assassin Game' lands Haysville MS student in trouble

Published On: Apr 03 2014 02:53:11 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 03 2014 06:18:23 PM CDT

A popular game among young people caused a concern at Haysville Middle School after a 6th grader created a "kill list" with other students' names on it.

"A student had compiled a threatening note listing several students," Principal Dr. Mike Mauer stated in a recorded message to students Wednesday night.

Further investigation by the school and Haysville Police Department determined the 12 year-old boy involved was organizing a version of the popular game "Assassin".  A search in the Internet reveals the object of "Assassin" is to stealthily tag out others on the list and remain the last person alive in the game.  

YouTube videos show high school and college students play it with Sharpie pens, squirt guns and Nerf dart guns.

"I had never heard of it," said Alicia Gilbert whose son was suspended indefinitely.  Her son was organizing the game and was caught putting together what she called a "kill list".

"We live in a post-Columbine post-Sandy Hook age where you cannot say those words in school without there being consequences."

Gilbert believes her son should be disciplined but thinks the reality and popularity of the game should be considered.  Her son faces possible expulsion because of previous problems at school, she said.

Gilbert agreed to an interview with FactFinder 12 because she wants other parents to know about the game so they can warn their kids not to play.

Statement from Haysville Police:

On April 2, 2014 the School Resource Officer at Haysville Middle School was made aware of an incident involving a student creating a list of other students that was viewed to be threatening in nature.  After investigating it appears that the student who was writing the list was taking part in a variation of an “Assassin game”.  The Assassin game consists of groups of people being on a list.  Players on the list will attempt to “assassinate” other players by marking them, in this case with a sharpie marker.  The game is over when there is only one person left on the list.  According to a simple internet search, the game is popular amongst college students as well as with summer camps.  There are rules posted on various sites on the internet.  In this particular case it does not appear that any criminal activity has occurred.  Officers will continue to follow up on any additional information that is found.  The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s office has also been consulted, although no formal charges will be presented to them at this time.  The Haysville School District may impose consequences for violation of school policy.

Statement from Haysville Public Schools:

Haysville USD 261 strives to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all our students. Haysville Middle was not the appropriate setting for the “Assassin Game” to be played.

When a threatening note listing several students was found safety protocols were initiated with District and Law Enforcement personnel investigating the incident. Compiling a list targeting other students is NEVER appropriate. District officials will meet to decide suitable disciplinary action.