Are we your ticket to the NCAA tournament?

Published On: Mar 23 2014 11:15:29 PM CDT
Fired, for a mistake?

Caller : Would you consider making me a cub reporter so I can go to the ncaa playoffs with your journalism team? Thanks, bye"

We're always looking for good, qualified people. It may be a little late for this years tournament, but we do post job openings on our website, so give it a try.

You can find that information at


You know the great music we use going in and out of commercial breaks in our newscasts?

Well, not everyone thinks it's so great.

Linda sent us this email, calling it annoying and irritating.

She says, "it sounds like white boy can't dance hardcore jam."

We realize no choice we make on music or anything else is going to please everyone. Also remember nothing is permanent, not even news music.

Hang with us, there will come a day when we use something different and hopefully you'll like it.

Thanks for your phone message, though.