Andover Schools may ban e-cigarettes

Published On: Apr 18 2014 06:22:59 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 18 2014 06:31:37 PM CDT
Andover, Kan. -

E-cigarettes could be banned in Andover schools, if the board of education changes its policy.

In the last year, e-cigs have become a popular way for smokers to ween themselves off traditional cigarettes.

Andover schools already ban tobacco products on school properties, but at the recommendation of the Kansas Association of School Boards, it could amend its policy to include e-cigarettes.

E-cigs are battery operated devices that look like traditional cigarettes. Traditional e-cigs contain nicotine and some have a smoke-like vapor.  Even though there is no tobacco, some parents are concerned the e-cigs could be a gateway to traditional cigarettes.

"It's nicotine, the same effect, I mean it's smoking, e-cigarettes, who knows what they'll get into next?" said Jennifer Arenson.

"I  just think it's not a good habit to get into, no matter what it is and I understand that high schoolers can also put other things in the vaporizers that can be very dangerous, beyond nicotine," said Kelle Cross.

The Board of Education could vote on this policy change at next month's school board meeting.  If it's adopted, changes would start next school year.