All road crews can do is 'be ready'

Published On: Dec 04 2013 06:00:48 PM CST   Updated On: Apr 23 2014 04:27:38 PM CDT

In Sedgwick County, road crews started putting brine out on the roads today, to keep them from freezing over.

They always debate over whether to pre-treat or not. Any rain or sleet will just wash the brine away before it can do any good. But we're not predicting any before this storm.

Meanwhile, in Dodge City, there were already occasional spits of snow by mid-morning. Overall, they expect to get a couple inches tonight to tomorrow.

But Ford  County road crews aren't out pre-treating the roads - because of the cold. It's so cold it would just freeze the brine and make the roads slick.

Instead, crews are on stand by. The county says last week's snow actually helped them get ready for the winter..