KWCH 60th: More than 50 years broadcasting from the Kansas State Fair

Published On: Sep 24 2013 03:08:43 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 24 2013 03:09:33 PM CDT
History of the State Fair

Amid the corn dogs, funnel cakes and ribbon winning livestock, Kansans have found Channel 12's most well-known reporters and television personalities at the Kansas State Fair. Since 1961, the station has broadcast live from the Hutchinson fair grounds, giving our reporters the chance to have a little fun.

Each year members of the Channel 12 news team participate in a cow or goat milking contest. Cindy Klose participated one year with no prior experience. She says once was enough.

"We used to get tips from staffers who grew up on farms," Klose said. "It never helps.  There is really a trick to being a good cow milker."

Former host Joyce Livingston remembers one year her son was in the Army. Channel 12 broadcast his helicopter flying live overhead and landing at the fair. 

"The guys got the camera on him from the time he was a speck in the air until he landed on the ground," said Livingston. "I interviewed him and a couple of other soldiers about what it was like to be in the army. It was very personal."

Every year, fair goers look forward to getting their photo taken at the Storm Team 12 weather wall. Merril Teller thinks it gives people a chance to feel like a TV star. He also enjoys talking with the people who come to the Channel 12 booth.

"Meeting viewers is great because we get lots of one-on-one feedback," Teller said. "Some is positive, some is negative, all is helpful.  The most common question these days is 'when will Millie be here?'"

Each year the station helps sponsor musical guests such as Brittany Spears, 'N Sync and Red Skelton. This year KWCH is presenting country music singer Toby Keith. You can see him live at the State Fair's Grand Stage on September 15th.