Haramara Retreat

Published On: Mar 12 2014 11:33:42 AM CDT

I did something crazy last week; I chose to give up electricity, meat and electronics to clear my mind and body and guess what? It worked. It’s not as extreme as it sounds, maybe for some it is but let me tell you I’m back at work this morning energized and relaxed than I’ve been in months.

The retreat centered around yoga; I’ve blogged about it many times. But we also managed to work in a whale watching excursion, zip lining and a massage. The hardest part of last week was living without four walls; our casita only came with one! The rest of the casita was relatively open and it wasn’t odd to find a lizard or spider roaming the walls. We had a mosquito net over our beds but it didn’t make us feel any better when we heard animals scurry around at night. We’re not sure if they ever made it into our room but we were too chicken to look. Once daylight came everything seemed quieter but I’m certain it was all in our heads. Either way, I’m glad to be sleeping with four walls again and now I’m rethinking my application to CBS’ Survivor.

The best part of the trip was not setting an alarm clock. We woke up when the sun came up and went to bed whenever we felt tired. We never checked our phones and forgot what day it was around mid-week. I’ve never experienced a true disconnect before and I admit it took some adjustment. We live in a world (especially myself) where every second is important. How much time do we have left in the morning show? How much time until the noon show? When are we meeting them for dinner? Do I have time to work out? It all seems to revolve about what’s next. And in Mexico the only thing on my plate was yoga class.

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? Me too! Consider unplugging for a week. You don’t have to leave the country to do it but head for the hills and let the sun be your guide.