Get Your Exercise On - Then Rest!

Published On: Apr 03 2014 04:58:58 PM CDT

We all know, or have at least heard, how important exercise is to our health.  It's great for our us physically AND emotionally, but sometimes we can overdo it.  While, ideally, we all would work out/exercise in some form or fashion EVERY day, for those who are just starting out on an exercise regiment it's best to take it slow.

Preston Petersen with Genesis Health Clubs suggests exercising two to three days a week when just starting an exercise regimen.  "Exercise is a stimulus and your body has to respond to it," he says. "If you're beginning an exercise program, often...the smallest stimulus will create soreness."  Preston tells people to allow sore muscles to totally recover before working them again.  If your muscles feel better the next day, go ahead and work them again; but if it takes two or three days to recover...that's OK!  Allow them to recover or you risk injuring yourself.

If you're bent on working out EACH day, vary your workout day by day.  Lift weights and cross-train two to three days per week, then alternate in between with cardio - walk, jog, or swim to develop endurance and allow other muscle groups to rest.

With National Walking Day yesterday (April 2nd), I'm reminded that walking is just as important an exercise as lifting weights or playing basketball or running.  If today is your day of rest but your antsy for exercise, walk today and go back to those tough, sweat-inducing workouts tomorrow!