Get Adventurous!

Published On: Feb 13 2014 04:50:38 PM CST

Feeling down after all the snow and ice of last week?  Needing some sunshine?  You can make your own! 

The Adventurous Babes Society is an adventure-based social society of women who are at least 21 years of age.  They network with one another to create and participate in fun adventures near and far.  The group was co-founded by two women, Kathy Mihelic and Elizabeth Hotaling.  It launched in Wichita but over the last 8 months has expanded to include members in 20 states.

Why were they founded?  Kathy and Elizabeth wanted to offer women an avenue in which they could "step out of their comfort zone and try something new."  These babes do everything from high ropes courses to kayaking to taking raw food courses to putting on seminars about healthy eating and cooking.

The idea is for you to join through a website, create a profile and begin creating a "bucket list" of sorts - a list of adventures you've thought about but never brought to life.  You begin to network with other women, join in on adventures, and suggest your own.  Before you know it you've met more women in your community and accomplished a goal and had some fun!

Kathy and Elizabeth have already received wonderful feedback, stories of women who have not only connected with each other but within themselves.  Elizabeth says that's the coolest part of what they've created.

Want to join?  Go to, click on the links and follow the prompts to sign up.  Membership is $38.50 per year.  So get yourself out of the doldrums of winter, go make new friends, and have some fun :) !