Get A Plan

Published On: Apr 08 2014 11:36:54 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 08 2014 11:39:58 AM CDT

A friend of my mom’s passed away this week. It really shook her up. When you hear the saying ‘60 is the new 40’; it’s describing my mother. She is impeccably dressed, her skin looks amazing and she’s barely bigger than the size she was in high school.

I’m bragging because I’m proud of the woman I get to look up to but with all that style and grace even my brothers and I forget she and my father are in their 60’s. I’m not calling 60 old, far from it, but it’s not an age when you can ignore your health. In the wake of this recent death my parents are meeting with their attorney (who happens to be my brother) to take a second look at their will, life insurance and basically have a plan in case the worse happens. She called me to discuss who would be the executor of their will, power of attorney etc. this isn’t a comfortable conversation but an important one.

No one likes to think of death or the fact that someday my fabulous mother won’t be around but the truth is she can’t live to be 120 (I wish she could) so unless I go first it’s something we’ll have to face. Seriously, getting teary hear at my desk just thinking about it. I digress, kids talk to your parents and parents sit down with your kids.

I did a story a few years ago during sweeps about the debacle that ensues when you die without a plan. Here are a few things I learned from my research talking to hospitals, attorneys and funeral homes:

*Decide a healthcare and financial power of attorney

*What type of end of life care do you want? DNR? Do you want to donate your organs? (tell somebody!)

*Create a will and get it notarized; include a living will – keep it up to date

*Think about your estate, your pets

*Funeral Plan (my dad knows what songs he wants played)

*Buy a life insurance policy & consider your debts – have a financial checklist

I’m sure I’m leaving some off the list so talk to your attorney, family and healthcare professionals.

The more you handle when you’re alive, the less your family will have to deal with when you’re gone. And if they’re anything like me, it’s tough to think clearly when you’re that upset. Now, let’s all go drink a green shake, go for a walk and pray to God we live to be 120!