For What it’s Worth: Weekend sampler

Published On: Feb 14 2014 01:35:10 PM CST
Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

The state’s big three---

Wichita State, Kansas and K-State all have a little intrigue in their games this weekend. Ok, in KU’s case very little.

The ‘Hawks host TCU in a name your score kind of matchup. It sounds like Joel Embiid will be down for a while at least and that begs the question—how will Bill Self mix his lineup? Will Conner Frankamp continue to get minutes, after the 15 good ones he played at K-State?

The Shockers are heading to Evansville which is coming off a 102 point performance against Illinois State. Unlike the Redbirds for which defense is a concept whose time has not come, the Shockers will actually guard you. But even they had issues with Marty Simmons’ motion offense a couple of weeks ago in Wichita. The Shockers may be the best team to watch in the Valley but the Aces DJ Ballentine is the most fun player. I don’t think the upset alert is high, but the Shockers need to play well on Sunday.

Kansas State has the most intriguing challenge of the weekend heading to Baylor. The ‘Cats have just one road win (at TCU) and those are the types of wins that go a long way in helping your NCAA seeding. The Wildcats have just one ranked opponent remaining in their seven games (Iowa state at home), four of those seven games are on the road---in other words, the ‘Cats still have plenty of opportunities to improve their NCAA resume.


Not everyone is going to agree with me on what constitutes progress, but I was encouraged to see what a non-story Michael Sam’ coming out was. The Missouri defensive end, a projected mid-round draft pick also had interesting timing for disclosing that he was gay, what with the NFL draft just over a month away. I was, however, disappointed in the report of three unnamed NFL general managers saying that Sam could have ‘troubles’ in an NFL locker room. Considering the interchangeability between the police blotter and NFL roster, it would seem to me that teams have a lot more to worry about than a player’s sexual orientation.


Is it just me, or have the Winter Olympics lost some steam? Maybe it’s the reports of so many stray dogs being killed that turned me off, maybe college hoops is commanding my interest, whatever the case—I’m usually more locked in. In truth, I’m probably not a very interesting TV watcher for most—if it has a score being kept, I’m likely to be watching. If not, one of only four things will be on---Justified (for the ’I wish I could say or do that’ side of me), The Mentalist ( for the smart aleck in me), Blacklist (what can I say, I love James Spader) or some news (hey, it paid the bills for 28 years).


It took 144 pages to describe the extent of harassment endured by Jonathan Martin mainly from former Miami Dolphins teammate Richie Incognito---that’s a ton of harassment. The independent review outlines a particularly tawdry relationship between the two, much of which was gleaned from over 1,000 texts between the two. Can you imagine what kind of picture could be painted by over a 1,000 texts between any two people?

I can’t imagine Incognito will ever play again and I’ll be interested to see if Martin, who says he feels vindicated by the report, lands somewhere other than Miami. The Dolphins have him under contract, but it would be hard to see a scenario where his return would be welcomed.

Happy Valentine’s Day—

Did you know that the root of St. Valentine’s Day reaches all the way back to ancient Rome? The Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia over a three day period in the middle of February. During this time drunk men would “hit on” women, not with late night barroom pick-up lines– but, literally, with the hides of dead goats and dogs *. The women believed it would make them fertile, the men…well, they were just men. Some things have changed for the better, other things haven’t changed at all…right ladies?

* –Beth Buczynski