For What it's Worth: Marshall & NFL schedules?

Published On: Apr 25 2014 06:59:06 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 25 2014 07:06:01 AM CDT
Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

“It’s been special. But there’s some work yet to be done. The best is yet to come”.

---Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall at last night’s Shocker celebration

Marshall plan---

Missouri athletic director Mike Alden should be sued for malpractice if, in fact, he didn’t put in a call to Marshall about his open coaching job. Not that Gregg would have taken it—as a caller of Sports Daily reminded me the other day—Marshall has made Wichita State into his next job. In other words, WSU has evolved so quickly under Marshall that he no longer needs to take the next step to be considered for a job at a ‘blue blood’ program---he’s already done it.

The golden touch---

It was odd as the NFL put out its schedule the other day, it made me feel a little like Steve Martin’s character in ‘The Jerk’ when the mail comes and he dances around yelling: “The phone book is here, the phone book is here”.

Football is certainly our national pastime and no one cashes in on that like the NFL, which is the most brilliantly branded and promoted entity in sports. For months we’ve known who was going to play who in NFL, but fans were actually having parties to celebrate finding out when those games would be played. Next comes the draft, which is now a three day love fest on ESPN, less than three months later they’ll be playing exhibitions.


It’s hard for me to find more than eight wins on the Chiefs schedule this year, of course last year I had the number at seven and they did me four better. Although, they’re 2-6 finish and second half meltdown in the playoff with the Colts can’t be a harbinger of very good things can it? The Chiefs have already lost a lot in free agency in a year where they didn’t have a lot of room under the salary cap to dabble themselves. Plus, they lost their second round pick to the ‘Niners in the trade that brought them Alex Smith, so they’ll pick 21st in the opening round, then not again until late in the third.

No favors---

Denver and Oakland have really tough slates, especially Oakland with has one game all the way in London, a nearly 11,000 mile round trip. Best bets for bounce backs—Atlanta and Houston.


The NBA Playoffs have been incredible not even halfway through the opening round. Washington and Portland have gone to Chicago and Houston and left with two-nothing leads. Memphis is frustrating Oklahoma City, which continues to get very little of anything from anyone not named Durant or Westbrook. The Grizzles are virtually double-teaming both and the result hasn’t been good for Durant in particular, his oh-eight from beyond the arc last night is the longest he’s ever gone in the playoffs without a three.

There have been so many close games this week, last night in Oakland the Clippers and Golden State played to the very last moment. The Warriors had a contested last second shot to win, but veteran official Dick Bavetta opted not to make the call on Chris Paul on a shot from Steph Curry. In his description of the play TNT’s Shaquille O’Neal innocently suggested a way the Clippers should thank Bavetta for the non-call, but, as sometimes is the case on live TV, it didn’t come out quite right. This forum isn’t the right one to repeat it, but if you take the time to ‘You Tube’ it (Shaq Dick Bevetta kiss )---you’ll chuckle for the rest of the morning.