For What it's Worth: Draft Wrap

Published On: May 13 2014 07:16:28 AM CDT
Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

What can Brown do for you?

It’s interesting to me that K-State’s Bryce Brown was traded by the Eagles to Buffalo last weekend mainly because of a glut of running backs after they acquired former K-Stater Darren Sproles. Wait a minute, do we really count Brown as a Wildcat? Kansas State does---claiming Brown allowed them to continue their streak of consecutive years producing a draft pick. With the sixth round pick of lineman Tavon Brooks by the Saints yesterday, it’s a streak that now extends over 21 straight years.


Isn’t just like the Cleveland Browns, not always through fault of their own, to get incredible momentum and excitement from drafting of Johnny Manziel one day, only to have their top offensive star face a year- long suspension the next?

Officially, receiver Josh Gordon will be suspended for a positive drug test for marijuana, unofficially he’ll be sidelined for stupidity of the highest nature—pun intended. I’m not here to debate whether blowing some weed should carry such a harsh sentence, I am here wondering how a guy who knew the consequences (as a repeat offender) could possibly allow it to happen.

The answer is three fold. First, he’s 23 years old. Next, he either figures the rules simply don’t apply to him, or he just didn’t know better. In that case, he’s either incredibly stupid or incredibly arrogant—which is worse? The really damning thing about Gordon is that it shows no regard for his teammates, all of whom will be affected adversely by his suspension.

It’s drafty in here---

The opening night of the NFL draft pulled more TV viewers than the four NBA and NHL playoff games COMBINED. Obviously, Jonny Manziel was a huge story line especially as he started to fall, but it’s not just Manziel—we’re a football first culture.

The stars at night---

What do Lindenwood, Pittsburg State, Bloomsburg , Concordia, Northwest Missouri State, Saginaw Valley and Princeton have in common? They all produced more draft picks than the University of Texas. In fact, there were more players taken from schools in Canada (1) than there were Longhorns. It’s the first time in 77 years that the draft hasn’t included a player from UT.

By the way, it doesn’t necessarily equate to the next level, but the recruiting class at Texas four years ago, in other words, the group of seniors that were available to the NFL last weekend---were a part of the second rated recruiting class at the time.

Chiefs at QB---

The Chiefs took Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray in the fifth round, an odd pick considering that they have a capable backup in Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray. Did you know that the last time the Chiefs won a game with a quarterback they drafted was in 1987 behind Todd Blackledge. It’s interesting, but not surprising considering their draft history, that the Chiefs took Blackledge ahead of Dan Marino in the 1983 draft.

I don’t understand why the Chiefs didn’t wade into one of the deepest receiving pools the draft has had lately. They did make a good move to pick up De’Anthony Thomas from Oregon, a good slot receiver and return guy, but still no deep threat..odd.

Grading the draft---

We can’t help ourselves as we rate anything that we possibly can and the NFL Draft is no different. It’s kind of stupid as it relates to the draft as if anyone can really make a judgment on a rookie class that hasn’t even been to a mini camp yet. Seattle’s 2012 draft class was rated a C-, but Russell Wilson, a third round pick in that draft just won a Super Bowl.

I know I harp on it---

---but I’m amazed at the Royals lack of power. Through 37 games Kansas City has 16 homers as a team, two more than Jose Abreu of the White Sox.