For What it's Worth: Big 12 Media Days, Chiefs at Camp, Dungy Spinning

Published On: Jul 23 2014 12:25:39 PM CDT
Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s birthday, I asked her what she thought about turning 12 and the youngest of four children replied: “ I’ve lied so much about my age, that it really doesn’t mean that much”.

I love her sentimentality, but she’s right…she’s always lied about her age.

Big 12 Media---

There were a couple of interesting quotes out of the coaches; Art Briles of Baylor telling Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher to worry about coaching the Seminoles after he called it “ridiculous” that the Big 12 didn’t have a conference championship.

Then there was K-State’s Bill Snyder advising Charlie Strong of Texas to just ‘be himself’ as he navigates the challenges of being Texas’ head coach, of course, this was before Strong referred to Kansas State coach Charlie Weis. Ugh.

Actually, the best blasts came from Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, who claimed that there were still cheaters in college sports because it was easy to get away with. Of course, Bowlsby upheld the integrity of his coaches in the Big 12 claiming they were all beyond reproach, which is relieving to know.

His bigger point was that the NCAA simply doesn’t have enough people to monitor all of college football, which renders them as reactive instead of proactive—so, certainly, some are going to bend—maybe even break some rules—who says tradition is dead in college football?

Here we go---

The Kansas City Chiefs convene at training camp in St. Joseph’s, Missouri today with their first practice coming tomorrow. The Chiefs are one of the teams bucking the growing trend of holding training camps at their main complexes. Many teams around the NFL have invested so much money in their home bases that taking their show on the road for three weeks to start every summer seems unneccesary.

One of the ongoing issues for the Chiefs, as it seems to be for just about any pro team in any sport, is whose going to get paid. Quarterback Alex Smith, running back Jamaal Charles and linebacker Justin Houston are all relatively underpaid—in fact, all three of them are bargains for the Chiefs who have issues under the NFL’s salary cap. Timing is everything and that’s certainly the case with these three guys, arguably the three best players on the team. It will make for an interesting camp, maybe not the kind of interesting that the Chiefs or their fans might like.


I’ve always found it preferable to not have to explain remarks I’ve made, I’m always shooting for self-explanatory as I’m sure Tony Dungy does—which makes the damage control he’s trying to do after remarks on the drafting of Michael Sams—uncomfortable.

The former NFL coach and current NBC analyst said that he wouldn’t have drafter an openly gay player such as Sams because he wouldn’t have wanted to deal with the distraction. That remark came off as insensitive, but Dungy is entitled to his opinion.

The ongoing clarification of that remark may be doing more damage---Dungy claimed that context of the question he answered wasn’t made clear and complained that there should have been better follow up questions from the interviewer---really?

Tony Dungy seems like one of the really good guys in professional sports, he’s a man of faith and conviction. His credentials as a coach and a leader are unshakable, but sometimes good people open their mouths and bad things come out, or questionable things, or surprising things.

The most surprising thing to me is the apparent hypocrisy it sets up when you look at the way that Dungy stood by Michael Vick in the wake of his horrifying culture of animal cruelty. The two positions don’t seem to jibe with each other—understanding and compassion for one, but a dismissal of the other. Odd.