For What it's Wort: MVP's & the 4-minute mile

Published On: May 07 2014 06:38:50 AM CDT
Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

It sounds as if the Browns are considering taking Johnny Manziel with the sixth pick of the NFL draft on Thursday. Did you know that over the last 40 years the Browns have taken three quarterbacks in the first round and that between them Brandon Weeden, Brady Quinn and Tim Coach are 31-68 as a starter


Kevin Durant is my favorite NBA player; in fact, he may be my favorite professional athlete. Yesterday, he was awarded his first ever Most Valuable Player and his acceptance speech was a remarkable as it was sincere. He opened by acknowledging every one of his teammates and not just in cursory fashion, but with a quick story. He then went on to describe his love and appreciation for his mother who raised him as a single parent. He was emotional, he was honest and he was refreshing.

It’s rare to hear a superstar open up and share so much about themselves, but Durant has always seemed approachable, playful and totally unimpressed with himself. He’s the kind of guy who shows up for a flag football game at an Oklahoma State frat house, or unannounced on a New York City playground---both of which he’s done. I just don’t know how you can’t cheer for the guy.

Eat fresh---

If you’re being used as a celebrity endorser on a commercial, but still have to be identified in the commercial (you know who you are Russell Westbrook and Mike Trout hawking for Subway), you probably shouldn’t be doing the commercial …yet.

60 years ago---

Britain’s Roger Bannister cracked the magical barrier of the four minute mile 60 years ago yesterday. It made me think about my friend Wes Santee, who we lost a few years ago. The pride of Ashland and the University of Kansas was one of three men, along with Bannister and Australia’s John Landy, chasing four minutes; in fact, he was generally considered to be the best bet to break the mark. He missed it by 6 tenths of a second, but always maintained that he would have beaten Bannister man to man. He never got the chance.

Aw, Shucks---

In what has to be one of the weirdest possible unions ever, there’s speculation about Roy Williams and the Lakers again. I get the personal connection—General Manager Mitch Kupchack is a Carolina guy—but how mismatched would Mayberry RFD and Showtime be? Don’t get me wrong, Roy Williams is a great coach and would do well anywhere he decided to go---I just don’t see him running the circus that is the Lakers.

The Mayor---

Word is that the Warriors and Timberwolves has expressed an interest in Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg, but aren’t confident they can lure him away from his alma mater. I wonder how many times Bill Self has had to respectfully decline advances by the NBA, which is the only place I could see him coaching besides KU.

Work to do---

I can only imagine the level of frustration in the coaching office at Eck Stadium these days. Last night K-State clubbed the Shockers on national cable to complete a two game sweep this season, in fact, it’s the second straight year that WSU has been swept by both KSU and Kansas.

There will be much brighter days at Wichita State for Todd Butler and his staff, who’ve made a great first impression despite their record. Competitors always look forward to the next chance to prove themselves, but there are just some seasons you’d rather get to the end of, I’m wondering if it’s turning into that type of year for the Shockers.

Radio Wednesday---

Butler Community College football coach Troy Morrell joins me to talk about his former quarterback Zach Metenberger and his chances in the NFL Draft. Catch Sports Daily Monday through Friday from 9:00-to 11:00am on KFH (1240am 98.7fm). Thus ends the shameless plug.