Fed Up Challenge: Day 9 & 10

Published On: May 21 2014 11:30:24 AM CDT   Updated On: May 26 2014 10:40:34 AM CDT

I didn't realize today was the last day of the challenge. I was certain I would be counting down the hours but experimenting with some new no sugar options made all the difference. I guess that’s the biggest lesson I've learned. It’s not that there aren't choices but we have to seek out alternatives.

It’s been said preparation is the key to success but baking sugar free muffins, breakfast bars and cooking chicken in bulk really helped me stay ahead of any panic moments I anticipated. I believe these small choices and changes will help me live a healthier lifestyle and make those moments when I do indulge that much sweeter (pun intended).  Everyone keeps giving me a hard time that I will go off the deep end tomorrow but I can assure you I won’t. I feel too good right now, it will be nice to have a glass of wine – I gave up that too! So, start small, forgive yourself and get moving.

I've also been getting a lot of feedback for talking about artificial sweeteners, in particular, Splenda. Let me assure you I've done my homework on the substitute and read the FDA’s guidelines. I feel comfortable using it in my coffee and a few other items; I’m not eating it by the handful. But if you don’t feel comfortable eating it then do not eat it.

Heidi Wells, the dietitian I've been working with will be on the show this week for a ‘this versus that’ segment. She’ll show ways to make smart choices throughout the day. In the meantime, the Fed Up Challenge has a few suggestions once the challenge is over.  

On the days you need to opt for grab-and-go lunch options from the grocery store, be sure to pick up meal options which include only real food ingredients. Try a healthy meal kit from Revolution Foods to help you pack right.

Find no and low sugar options in your grocery store! Check this special out Abe's Market Fed Up store and get an idea of which foods fit the bill.

Make healthier choices with whole, unprocessed foods. Dairy products and whole fruits and vegetables contain naturally occurring sugar but these foods come with lots of other nutrients, so grab a piece of fruit next time a sugar craving hits!

Encourage your friends and family to lead a healthy lifestyle. As you know, kicking a sugar addiction is not easy but it can be done. Lead your friends, family, workplace, and greater community on the Fed Up Challenge. Visit the "Tips For Your Community Section" for ideas and resources.

Thanks for following me on this no sugar journey, it’s been fun and created a lot of dialogue on social media. The quest to stay and be healthy is always evolving and we should encourage each other to reach higher for ourselves and our families. We've got one body so let’s take care of it.