Fed Up Challenge Day 8

Published On: May 20 2014 11:37:15 AM CDT   Updated On: May 21 2014 03:37:31 PM CDT

There were a lot of graduations this past weekend. Do you know how I know this? There is a lot of left over graduation cake in our work break room. It’s tough to steer clear of the break room when the smell of sweet sugar is calling your name.

So, here’s my advice, don’t go in the break room! From my experience if you try one thing you’re going to try them all. If you eat one cookie on Monday chances are you will ‘try’ the leftover cake on Thursday and treat yourself Friday to the banana bread your favorite coworker made.

If you just say no to all of it from my experience you’re more likely not to be tempted. I don’t even walk in the break room to scope out the treats anymore or mosey by our assignment desk to peak at the latest baked good. Don’t get me wrong everyone at the office has the best of intentions, to share, but if you’re like me and you simply can’t control yourself when it comes to sugar don’t indulge.

Office snacks are often forgotten about once we leave the office and then we’re free to indulge while we’re at home as well. I know, it sounds like I’m telling you to cut all the sugary goodness but we all have to draw the line somewhere and work seems to be the easiest place. Keep some sort of low or no sugar treat as an option so you can still hang with your coworkers in the break room.