Family Ties

Published On: Feb 28 2014 11:32:02 AM CST

I’m very close to my parents; I make no excuses for it. I talk to my mom and dad at least every other day along with emails and texts we’re in communication more than enough. During one of those calls this week my dad casually mentions he’s having surgery the next day. I nearly laughed out loud, I thought he was joking! Nope, he was going in for a Hernia operation the very next morning. So, it just goes to show you no matter connected we all are, things still slip through the tiny communication crack.

Or else he knew I would worry, like I always do, so he waited until the eleventh hour. He’s fine by the way; the procedure took only 45 minutes! Laparoscopic surgery seriously improves recovery time. He joked last night when I called to check up on him that he didn’t go towards the light, my family’s sense of humor isn’t always appropriate.

I’m headed down next week to visit them in Houston I can’t wait to hear what jokes they will come up with next. Are you close to your family? If you are, count yourself lucky, I know I do!