Fast Cash Scam

Published On: Sep 27 2013 12:00:58 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 27 2013 12:06:57 PM CDT

Anna Piper expected to receive the loan money she applied for online from Fast Cash USA, but in order to get the loan she had to prove she could make the payments. So Fast Cash told her to put more than a hundred dollars on a prepaid debit card.
"They even told me they weren't going to take the money off the card. not to activate it and they would just prove that it was on there," Piper said.

But the fake loan company took her money  and then told her the Better Business Bureau put a hold on the funds and she needed to add more. So Piper went to the BBB and found out the agency isn't a lender and she had gotten scammed.    

Better Business Bureau state director Denise Groene says this is a common scheme to get money from people.

" This is a typical advance fee scheme, is what this case is all about. and so what that is you never have to pay money to get money," Groene said.

Groene also says to treat a green dot card like any other debit or credit card...never give out the number.

"So if you've been scammed using the green dot card, shred it, destroy it, chop it up, get rid of it, don't keep loading funds because they can continue pulling funds off of there as long as you're putting money on that card," she said.

The BBB suggests before giving out any personal information...find out who you're dealing with.

Piper says next time a fake loan company approves her for the loan...she'll laugh all the way to the bank.