District Attorney's office warns of "fraud department" scam call

Published On: Sep 27 2013 11:26:03 AM CDT

Prosecutors in Sedgwick County warn about a new scam call claiming to be from a local "fraud department".

District Attorney Marc Bennett's office says a Sedgwick County resident received threatening phone calls concerning a payment on a bad check from 2009. The caller stated he was with the "Sedgwick County Fraud Department". The caller said the person needed to make payments on a four-year-old bad check.

The resident said she made a payment last October using a Green Dot MoneyPak Card. The caller said the woman needed to make two more payments of more than $130 each, and insisted they be paid with a MoneyPak Card.

The woman called the DA's consumer protection division. The DA's office told her it does not make any calls to consumers instructing them to pay debt or threatening them with felony charges.

The calls came from a 904 area code, which is the Jacksonville, FL, area. The DA's office says people should be aware of caller ID spoofing services that cause telephone networks to display a different number than where the call came from.

For more information, call the DA's Consumer Protection Division at (316)660-3653. The DA's office also says scammers like Green Dot cards, because they are convenient and untraceable. Click here or on the related links for past Factfinder 12 Investigations on staying safe while using Green Dot card.