Dieting Resolutions You Can Keep

Published On: Jan 02 2014 05:50:43 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 02 2014 05:55:55 PM CST

Only two days into 2014 and many of us are making resolutions, many of them diet-related.  If you've ever struggled with your weight and/or relationship with food, you've made a resolution to eat less sugar, cut out chocolate/pop, cook meals at home, etc.  But somewhere along the way you fell off the wagon and ended up feeling poorly about yourself, which defeated the purpose of the whole deal.

I talked with local nutritionist Jane Byrnes about realistic and relatively "easy" diet resolutions and she had some great suggestions.  Her first and possibly most important suggestion:

  • Be REALISTIC, PATIENT, and FAIR with yourself.  Make only two or three realistic resolutions based on where YOU are as an individual, not based on others' perceptions or recommendations.

Other concrete recommendations included:

  • Food-journal, or write down anything and everything you eat.  If you have to write down that you ate a pint of ice cream, you may not eat that pint of ice cream... :)
  • Drink a BIG glass of WATER every day.
  • Eat one BRIGHT food a day - make it green, red, orange, purple...
  • Cut down on your salt intake. Flavor foods instead with salsa or lemon.
  • Eat more whole grains rather than white processed foods.

These are just jumping-off points.  But exactly like Jane said - assess where YOU are in your diet and make ONLY two or three SMALL changes that can maybe lead to larger ones.  Be patient and kind to yourself through the process.  Because even if you fall off the wagon, get back on - and if all else fails, there's always next year!