Cold Fire

Published On: Nov 20 2013 10:56:05 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 21 2013 06:43:08 AM CST

Firefighters insist you have smoke detectors in your home, to ensure you get out in time if there's a fire.  But there's another tool Salina Fire Marshall Roger Williams says gets overlooked.

"A lot of people don't make that investment into fire extinguishers in their homes,” Roger said.

We found a potential alternative to a bulky fire extinguisher.  A can of "Cold Fire" claims to be easy to use - with no messy clean-up - and it promises to put out wood, fabric, fuel, and grease fires quickly.

"Actually, there (are) multiple different extinguishers we would use.  So, if this does perform the way it's described, that's great,” Roger said.

We bought several cans of "Cold Fire" online.  They're about $15 each.  That does not include shipping and handling.

“What we've got here is just an open container.  We've got some cooking oil.  And to try to expedite the process, we've added some gasoline to it,” Roger said.

Fire Prevention Officer Troy Long starts the fire and gets the "Cold Fire" can ready.

"Number one, pop open the top.  And number two you would aim about three to four feet away from the fire.  And number three, you simply spray,” Roger said.

Troy sprays the “Cold Fire” can and in seconds, the fire is out.

"It was pretty much a non-event,” Roger said.

Next, Troy ignites the clothing and waits for it to take-off before he sprays another can of "Cold Fire."

"Wow.  Troy said it exactly as he was down there, putting the fire out,” Roger said.

Finally, Troy runs the same drill on the wood pile.  And, the can of "Cold Fire" puts a chill on the flames.

"We did use the entire can.  We weren't able to get around to the other side.  So, we ran out of material.  But on the initial shot we were able to pretty much knock the fire down if not completely extinguish it where we intended to use the material,” Roger said.

The directions on the back of the can say to use "all the contents" on a fire.

"I like it.  I think it's a good alternative (to a fire extinguisher),” Roger said.

But he also said it does not replace a fire extinguisher.

Does it work?

"Yes," Roger said.

There is a warning on the back of the can: Do not use on electrical fires.

Also, something else we learned during testing ...  once you spray it, you lose some of the pressure build-up in the can.  So, you can only use a can once.