Cassell's Corner - Quick & Easy Meal Starters

Published On: Jun 09 2014 01:42:43 PM CDT

Andrea Cassell joins Sierra and Katie to show them how to make quick and easy meal starters which will bring a good kick of flavor while filling your kitchen with pleasant aromas!

What you need:

Ice cube trays
Herbs of your choice,finely chopped
Garlic/chives minced
extra virgin olive oil


Clean ice cube trays and dry well
Put herbs, garlic & chives of your choice in each block
Put olive oil in each 1/2 way
Put ice cube tray in a plastic bag and put in the freezer
when completely frozen, run warm water in the back of the ice cube tray
Pop out the frozen cubes and store in a zip lock bag
Put back in the freezer
When you are ready to use, put one frozen cube in your pan for a quick aromatic, starter to any dish!