Cassell's Corner - Entertain, educate kids with memory game

Published On: Jan 06 2014 04:08:52 PM CST
Cassell's Corner memory tray game

Memory Tray Game (for ages 5 and up)

Are your kids going stir crazy? Here is a great family activity that all will enjoy. It won't cost you a thing!

It will test your memory and help build word vocabulary, and the definition of each object, for your kids.


Get any kind of flat tray (I use a cookie sheet) and make a list of items you want to put on the tray.

Here are some suggestions: dog tag, key, penny, dime, throat drop, rubber band, emery board, toothpick, safety pin, golf tee, paper clip, battery, chalk, hair tie, pencil, lip balm, clothespin, flashlight, light bulb, button, screw, credit card, eraser, matches, hair clip, contact case, scoop, crayon, nail clippers, bandage

Lay them out on the tray individually. Give everyone time to see each object on the tray. Give them a piece of paper then remove the tray. Have each person try to remember and write down objects that they saw on the tray. No sharing notes, as this is an individual game. The person who wrote the most down is the winner! (Have a prize for the winner!)