Cassell's Corner - Creative Gift Wrapping, Use for Empty Toilet Paper Roll

Published On: Dec 16 2013 04:37:43 PM CST
Creative gift wrap

You will need:

Wrapping paper

Clear tape


Accessory to put in center of the package (example: toy, cigar, doll, Christmas ornament, seashell, perfume, evergreen, berries from outside, ribbon, bow or anything you want)

Empty toilet paper rolls


When wrapping your presents, save each end of the paper instead of discarding it. Use it to roll under, in a crisscross pattern (shown in the photo). Put your special item in the middle. You now have a one-of-a-kind design and you made it personal, too!

Take an empty toilet paper roll and cut it in half. Use it to hold your gift wrapping paper together. You can use two on each end.