Cassell's Corner - Christmas DIY Table Decorations

Published On: Dec 02 2013 03:27:01 PM CST
Cassell's Corner

What you will need:

A variety of glass vases or any glass container (even a wine glass)

Epsom salt (for snow)

Votive candle holder, with votive

A variety of glass ornaments (different sizes and color of your choice)

Artificial berries, silk flowers or poinsettias

Tree branch (from outside) spray-painted gold or silver

To create a variety of table decorations:

Add any variety above to create your arrangement in a glass container.

Example: Put Epsom salt in the bottom of a glass container, add glass ornaments, add votive holder with votive candle inside, and continue filling the sides with extra ornaments or extra Epsom salt to create a snow effect.

Be creative and use extra ornaments, silk flowers or materials you have around your house. You can spray-paint anything for a holiday look! Shop at thrift stores for inexpensive glass containers.