Cassell's Corner - Bouquet Garni

Published On: Nov 25 2013 12:41:37 PM CST
Cassell's Corner bouquet garni

You will need:

Cheese cloth cut into a 6x6 square or disposable tea bag (empty) for stuffing inside a turkey or chicken cavity

Cooking twine (100 percent cotton), cut according to your pot size

Fresh herbs of your choice (a mixture)

Whole black peppercorns (8-10)

Sandwich-size plastic bag


Put herbs and peppercorns in the plastic bag. Gently crush peppercorns and herbs to bruise. Add the contents in your cheese cloth.

Tie the cooking twine around the cheese cloth and tie in a knot.

You can tie the end of the string to your pot handle (once the bag is in your pot) or you can let it dangle outside the pot. Make sure the twine doesn't come in contact with the flame or element.

To stuff inside a turkey or chicken cavity:

Crush peppercorns and bruise herbs in a sandwich-size plastic bag. Put mixture in tea bag and close the top as it laps over. Place inside the cavity with stuffing or onions, celery, etc.

Andrea's comments:

I really love using this because it's easy to take out and gives your food so much flavor without a lot of salt. I use the bouquet garni in turkey and chicken cavities, soups, stews and chili dishes.