Binge Watching

Published On: Apr 14 2014 09:42:21 AM CDT

It's been my practice, during the last year, to steer clear of television. It wasn't a New Year's resolution or a mantra but with so much junk TV I simply started to watch fewer programs (unless you count cable news). I stick with the classics like Survivor (insert sarcasm) and Walking Dead because who doesn't need a good zombie fix.

My husband and I have been toying around with getting rid of our cable service to save money. We've got the works right now DVR, HBO - you get the idea. So, when I came home the other day to him watching Netflix I thought he got rid of our extra services; silly me, we now have even more options!

I must point out that he's paying for Netflix and I've been boycotting it for weeks now but this weekend I caved. I've been hearing a lot about the new season of Mad Men and thought (naively) I should start watching it to see what the fuss is about. Oh I watched it alright, ten hours of the show! That’s practically the entire first season. Nick had to pull me off the couch and force me to go to the grocery store with him Sunday night. I did manage to get all of the laundry folded.

Currently, I'm counting down the hours until I can glue myself back to the couch and watch more Mad Men. This is exactly why I never bought in the service. I'm making a pubic vow to never binge watch again and but only when I've finished all 6 seasons of Mad Men. Do the math! Yikes. I'm taking a few days off at the end of this week but I assure you it's not because I'm holed up in my house watching television. But right about now, that sounds like a great idea!

Do you have a show you're addicted to?