All Popped Out

Published On: Dec 24 2013 11:53:09 AM CST   Updated On: Oct 24 2013 04:32:35 PM CDT

We're all looking for simple and easy ways to live a healthier life.  Isn't that what "The Balanced Life" is all about after all?!  I may have a solution for you and I know you've heard it before... cut back on soda pop!  In an ideal world, we would all break the habit completely; but if you can't or don't want to nix soda from your diet, at least consider cutting down to one or two a day.

The problem of pop, at least regular pop, primarily lies in the issue of empty calories.  Traditionally there are at least 150 to 200 calories in a serving of pop and you can imagine how those calories add up if you have multiple servings per day.  With no vitamins or minerals and loads of sugar, your body isn't gaining anything of value.  And you're taking your blood sugar on a ride and inevitably setting your body up for a blood sugar crash.

If you're eating balanced meals and drinking plenty of water, having one or two servings of soda in one day is acceptable.  But that's IF you're taking in enough water, at least 8 glasses per day.  That's key!

Looking for substitutes?  Here are some suggestions from me and nutritionist Diane Greenleaf-Kisner:

  • WATER - can add lemon, lime, cucumber slices
  • Iced tea - with NO added sugar
  • Coffee
  • Carbonated water

My favorite alternative is cucumber-infused water - it's delicious and refreshing with just enough flavor.  I also like carbonated lemon water; the bubbles make the drink resemble soda pop for me.  However you do it, try to cut your way back to only one or two pops per day, or go all the way and cut soda pop out completely.  Your body will love you for it!