A coach for ADHD? There's just one in Wichita

Published On: Dec 24 2013 08:20:53 AM CST   Updated On: Oct 01 2013 05:02:21 PM CDT
Wichita, KS -

A man comes home from work every day to find his house a messy wreck. His wife has been on the couch all day watching television. She feels guilty, she’s disgusted with herself, and she’s unsure how to get her act together.

This used to be dismissed as some kind of “housewives’ syndrome,” which is outdated and inaccurate. These days, chances are excellent that such a woman would be diagnosed with some form of ADHD. At work and at home, ADHD can be a major issue for men and women. It can lead to depression and anxiety.

That’s where McNay & Voth Services can help immensely.

It is the first firm of its kind in Wichita: a coaching service specifically for those who suffer from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Nobody understands helping those with ADHD more than the President and CEO of McNay & Voth, Dr. Atha McNay. She’s got a PhD in human services. She’s a certified life coach, a writer and a former educator. And she’s been married to a man with ADHD for nearly four decades.

“When people with ADHD get older, their mental health issues become stronger,” McNay said. “ADHD often keeps people from living up to their potential. And they’re creative, highly intelligent people who think outside the box. We need more of those people. They’re valuable parts of society. But they’ve often been criticized and made to feel bad about themselves.”

McNay does the opposite. After taking some time to get to know her clients, she encourages them and helps them establish goals. Then she follows up, not only with meetings, but with phone calls, text messages, emails – whatever arrangement the client is comfortable with.

Her coaching helps those with ADHD develop habits and skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Every client is different, McNay said, and she doesn’t make anyone sign a contract for her services.

“They may get several contacts a week from us, if they wish,” McNay said. “We’re providing the support, and sometimes the resources, they need to help them move ahead.”

A college student with ADHD, for example, may get help prioritizing assignments and being organized with her time and physical space. McNay said a significant percentage of her clients are aged 19 to 30.

“Older women might be saying ‘This is the career path I chose, but I’m not certain about it now,’” McNay said. “How does she move forward? We help them come up with the best path to take.”

McNay said she’s especially interested in helping women with ADHD, because they’ve been misdiagnosed in the past and tend to need more support.

One of her daughters, Sarah, holds a master’s degree in business administration and is the Operations Director for McNay & Voth. She’s on top of every task.

Sarah does not have ADHD … but her sister does, as well as her father.

“People don’t realize that for every person with ADHD, at least four people are going to be directly affected by it,” said Sarah, who also does the firm’s marketing. “So a lot of what we’re doing is educating the general public, instead of just telling them to use drugs for it and move on.”

That’s the satisfaction both women are getting from starting their service, which is located at 240 N. Rock Rd. McNay & Voth is on Facebook and Twitter, and its website can be found at

You may reach McNay & Voth at (316) 655-9807 or by emailing

“Our goal is to help as many families as we possibly can,” McNay said. “We really enjoy what we do. ADHD coaching will probably be very slow coming to our part of the nation. But we want to be there to pave the way.”


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