Wraptastic: Does It Work?

Published On: Mar 20 2013 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

We found help testing our latest "Does It Work" product inside "The Artichoke."  Owner Patrick Audley agreed to test a new take on some kitchen classics: aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper. He's trying-out Wraptastic.Its website says it's "the super smart dispenser that lets you pull, press, and wrap just like that." We bought two online for $24.97. That includes shipping and handling.The dispensers came pre-loaded. One with plastic wrap. The other with aluminum foil. But we decide to use our own rolls we bought at the grocery store.

Patrick loaded one with 200 square feet of aluminum foil."Close lid and cut wrap by pressing firmly on both sides," Patrick said as he read the instructions.He seemed unimpressed."Well, I can pull it out of the package and tear it off," Patrick said. "That's not an issue." The Wraptastic seemed to stick a little with the aluminum foil. But overall, wrapping food with the Wraptastic did not seem to be a problem.But there was a problem with our plastic wrap. The spring-loaded caps can adjust to different sizes, but the brand we bought wouldn't work.

"It's too loose," Patrick said.The Wraptastic lid did not even cover our roll of 200 square feet of plastic wrap. So, we replaced it with the plastic wrap the company provided."This is a two-person operation now, because in order to make it work now, one has to hold the device itself," Patrick said.The Wraptastic also slices through wax paper.So the question is does it work?"It works with the plastic wrap, wax paper no advantage, aluminum foil no advantage," Patrick said.

Wraptastic Does it Work?