Update: Salina residents rush to help girl after shocking

Published On: May 29 2013 05:13:00 PM CDT   Updated On: May 30 2013 05:45:38 PM CDT
(SALINA, Kan.) -

The 11-year-old girl shocked in Salina while playing in the rain is still in critical condition at a Wichita hospital.  Authorities say lightning is not the cause. 

Police say Jayden Hicks was on top of an electrical junction box at Campbell Plaza in downtown Salina Wednesday evening when she was shocked.  She was playing with four other children and an adult when the shocking happened. 

Salina City Manager Jason Gage says  the electrical junction box holds wiring and is used to power concerts and some nearby street lights.  He says you can't plug anything into it.

The box is about 30 years old.  Investigators are looking at the wiring in the electrical box, which is supposed to be weather proof. 

"All of the sudden a little girl came running in. She was distraught, she was yelling at us to help her and her friend had been shocked.  Amanda and I just jumped up and ran," said Vanessa Hull. 

Hull works at the Salina Running Company nearby and called 911.  She says they saw Hicks face down in water and another co-workers tried to move the girl.

"She got shocked because the girl was still conduit. She ran back and while I was on the phone and grabbed a broom and flipped the girl over with a broom and at least got her face up so she wouldn't drown," Hull said.

They gave dry clothes to the other four children and tried to calm them down.

"The one little guy that was in shock.  He was really shaky. The other ones were going in and out from talking a mile a minute, to crying to screaming. It happened really fast and in slow motion the same time," she said.

Two other kids and a paramedic trying to help also got shocked.  They along with the running store employee were treated and released from the hospital.

In a statement, Westar Energy said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the children involved in this unfortunate accident. At this point, we do not believe this incident involved Westar Energy equipment, however we continue to work with investigators to help determine an exact cause."

Residents rush to help girl after shocking in Salina