Ultimate Detangling Hair Brush: Does It Work?

Published On: Aug 14 2013 02:10:21 PM CDT   Updated On: Aug 14 2013 09:30:31 PM CDT

Reagan Krehbiel is learning the lengths ... or knots. She sits patiently as her mom teases her hair.

"It got crazy,” Reagan said.

Her Grandma, Prisca, wanted us to test the "Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Hair Brush."

"We have been through tears and tantrums in the past," Prisca said. "So we thought it would probably be a good idea.”

We took advantage of a buy one, get one offer online. We paid $44.85 for six brushes. That does not include shipping and handling.

Each granddaughter takes a brush designed for her hair type - normal, thick, or fine hair. Kelly brushes half of her wet normal hair with the "Ultimate Detangling Brush."

"It just goes right through,” Kelly said.

Grandma tries the other side of Kelly's head.

“This is super,” Prisca said.

Now it's Reagan's turn. She says the “Ultimate Detangling Brush” doesn’t hurt as she pulls it through her tangles.

Kaylee compares the brush she's used to using at Grandma's house to the "Ultimate Detangling Brush" on her thick hair.

“This one (the old brush) hurts a lot more than this one (the “Ultimate Detangling Brush”) does,” Kaylee said.

And Amie's fine hair favors the "Ultimate Detangling Brush," too.

"This one I don't feel it pulling at all and I like it,” Amie said.

Does it work?

"Yes. It does work. Yes it does,” Prisca said.

The family has had the hair brushes for two weeks now. Prisca says her granddaughters still love the brushes. In fact, she's making sure all of her granddaughters have one.

So what's so special about these brushes? Well, the girls kept mentioning the different lengths of the bristles. And that's what the company says makes it so different. They’re supposed to help reduce hair loss and breakage.