Published On: Jul 21 2010 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It’s the one project around the house Charlie Stark can’t seem to fix: the piece of wood trim that keeps popping off his armoire. Despite wood glue, nails and even Crazy Glue, it won’t stick. 

Now, it’s time for UGlu!

This new product claims to have the strength of super glue in a piece of tape. Just peel and press.

“That feels kind of weird!” laughs Charlie. It doesn’t stick to his fingers---the instructions say it won’t---but will it hold to the armoire?

After 20 pieces end to end, Charlie presses the trim into place. So far, so good! But we’ll check back after a few days to see its staying power.

How much can UGlu hold? We pull out a couple of heavy terra cotta tiles and put them together with a larger piece of the adhesive. It sticks---a lot! Since it claims to hold like crazy glue, we have Charlie try to pull them apart. He can’t at first. Only after a lot of muscle power, more than he expected to use, does he get it to separate a bit.

But that’s where the good news ends.

A week-and-a half-later Charlie shows us the armoire. The UGlu held the trim in place about a day and a half before popping loose in several places. We see daylight between the pieces of wood in several spots.

Remember that terra cotta tile?

It’s still stuck together, but not nearly as well as last week. When Charlie tries to pull it apart this time, it doesn’t take very much effort at all.

To give Uglu another chance, Charlie uses it to try to fix a wooden picture frame that’s come loose at two corners. But no matter how hard he tries, Charlie can’t get the adhesive squares to stick and lay flat in the corners.

Little pieces of gummy-looking gel ooze out of each seam. “If you have something like regular crazy glue, you’d take a little bit here and a little bit there and I’ve have put it together a lot easier,” he says.Does It Work?

Charlie says “No.”

We contacted the company with our results. It says UGlu works when surfaces are clean, free of debris and when the application tips are carefully followed. It should hold up to two pounds per three inch strip.  The company says it won’t dry out and will stay flexible.

But Charlie says in good conscience he still can’t tell you to go out and buy it.

“I wouldn’t recommend it.”

We bought our UGlu at Target.