Turbo Snake

Published On: Aug 04 2010 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

Have a sink that’s slow-moving? Then yours is a step above Sarah Foster’s.

“It’s kind of slow,” she laughs.

But as we watch it, we can’t see any water moving at all. There’s a difference in “slow-moving” and “no-moving”.

Either way, there’s the $10 Turbo Snake.

It promises to pull out the clogs that keep your sinks and tubs backed up. The sink-version comes with what looks like a mascara wand on the end of a long wire.

The one built for tubs has a larger piece on the end to catch hold of bigger clogs. Just a few seconds after Sarah starts “fishing” she has her first catch. It’s hair combined with what looks like a piece of tape.

Round two is more hair, but that’s when we get down to business. Sarah takes out the stopper and uses the version that’s supposed to be used on tubs. This time she gets a lot more hair and what we finally figure out is paint from a t-shirt painting craft. She and her friends cleaned out the brushes in this bathroom sink.

The final catch? Paper—who knows from what! But when she turns on the water, it goes down the sink, no problem.

Does It Work?

Sarah giggles “Yes!”

You can buy Turbo Snake at some area Dillon’s Stores, Targets and Walgreens.