Touch 'N Brush

Published On: Jul 01 2009 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

It only takes two ingredients---little kids and toothpaste--and you can have a big mess!  But what if they could brush their teeth and never have to touch the tube? 

It's what had parent-after-parent asking us to test Touch'n Brush.  For $20, it attaches to your mirror and is supposed to squeeze every last drop out of the tube on demand---and in just the amount you need to brush.  The company claims all you do is push your toothbrush on the dispenser lever.

Lisa volunteers her four kids to be our "guinea pigs."  To test the claim of good-to-the-last-drop, we put in a used tube of toothpaste in that still has paste in it.  The directions say you may have to prime it, but despite pump after pump, we can never get anything out. 

Lisa isn't too concerned about that.  She says she's far more interested in it keeping her bathroom clean!

So out comes the new tube and in it slides into the Touch 'n Brush.  After just three priming pumps Brendon has toothpaste, and so does Devon...and Bailey...and even two-year-old Garrett!   And their toothpaste is on the brush and not in the sink.   It even doles out the right amount to brush with:  not too much, but not a stingy amount either.

Lisa loves it!  Does It Work?  She says yes!