Published On: Jan 23 2013 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Barbecue potato chips. Three words Mary Treaster loves. She was willing to cheat on her chips with "TopChips.”  The product claims to make crispy chips out of fruits and veggies in your microwave. No oil is needed.

"If I were going to pick something to eat, candy versus chips, I'd pick chips,” Mary said.

The set includes a peeler, slicer, cookbook, and three "TopChips" trays for $71.90. That includes shipping and handling.

Mary's mom, Kitty, was our peeler.  She started with a sweet potato.  But she didn't like the one that came with the product.  After slicing the sweet potato into thin pieces, Mary arranged the sweet potato slices on the “TopChips” tray.

Four minutes later, Mary was ready to take a bite. Mary said the chips around the tray's edges had more crunch.

"I think they're kind of good,” Mary said.

We tried some other foods recommended for the "TopChips" trays.  The pear and carrot shrank. We also tested an apple. Of course, Mary liked the potato chips the best.

Does it work? Mary said it does.

TopChips: Does It Work?