The Grease Bullet

Published On: Nov 22 2006 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Want to make a messy pan?  Then reach for the bacon, the eggs, or even worse:  the cheese!

But there is a purpose to an afternoon of  bad cooking at the Sedgwick County Extension Office.  Today's Does It Work:  the $10 Grease Bullet, which says it will get your pans sparkling clean without scrubbing.

However, when the words get small Denise Dias and her gang get suspicious.  "It says photos on this package have been dramatized."  The front cover shows a pan filthy with burned food on its top half, but shiny clean on the bottom half---as if the bottom were soaked in the Grease Bullet. 

It requires at least two gallons of water, and those "bullets" are really tablets that are supposed to dissolve in water.  

Denise Dias thinks she knows what they feel like, "They're like dishwashing soap.   Like the stuff you put in dish washing machines."

In go three pans we cooked in---along with a very used cookie sheet.      

And to make the test comparable with how you clean at home, we take identical pans which are also burned---and while the others soak in the Grease Bullet, we use dish soap in a second sink.

Each set soaks for the 30 minutes the directions say it take the Grease Bullet to work. First pans out---the ones soaked in the Grease Bullet. 

"I'm not scrubbing, I'm rubbing and it's not coming off," complains Lisa.  "It's not getting the regular parts off, much less the burned-on parts."

Then we pull out the pans just soaked in soapy water.   Any difference between the two sets?  Denise Dias doesn't think so.

"I don't think it did any better than the dish soap," she judges.

Our three testers decide there's no magic bullet here.

Lisa isn't impressed.  "I would say the only magic is making $10 disappear that you didn't have  to spend."

Does It Work?

"No, not at all.  No way," laughs Tonya.  "I would have had to have scrubbed no matter what."

Which is what we ended up doing after all.

Denise sums it up.  "This was fun, Kim, 'til we got to this part!"

We contacted the makers of Grease Bullet to get their reaction to our results, but the company didn't return our e-mail or phone calls.