That's a bogey

Published On: Jul 19 2013 12:56:06 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 19 2013 02:56:21 PM CDT
That's a bogey
(WICHITA, Kan) -

There you are....happily watching a sporting event on t-v, maybe a golf tournament.

But it goes into extra holes and the network broadcasting it decides to pull the plug.

Irritating, isn't it?

That's exactly what happened on Sunday, July 13....and the network was CBS.

The John Deere Classic hadn't ended yet, when the decision was made to switch coverage to the Golf Channel.

Which is fine if you HAVE the Golf Channel.

If you don't, or if you were recording the golf on CBS, that's a problem.

Unfortunately, when the network does that, there's nothing a local station like ours can do.

If we're not getting the event from CBS, we can't show it to you.

Or course, had the network folks stuck with the golf, and further delayed all the evening programming, we'd be taking complaints about THAT.

Sometimes you just can't win.