Strap Perfect

Published On: Jun 17 2009 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

The temperature goes up and the clothes get skimpier. But that can reveal a few fashion faux pas. 

Bras are designed to be "undergarments," as in "under your clothes." Put on a tank top, though, and they can be the part of your outfit that really sticks out.

Enter Strap Perfect. The product is made to hide those straps, by pulling them together under your top. Six discs costs $10.  

Our testers all found the plastic very hard, and worried whether they'd be comfortable. First, though, you have to get them on.

Jacinta had her daughter loosen her straps and slipped the disc on one of them. She threaded it over her shoulder, and then had to fasten the other strap on her back by feel. There was no way for her to see what she was doing.

First try: too loose. The bra strap was hidden, but it didn't give her enough support. Three tries later and she came up with the perfect combination of "loose" (to fasten the straps) and support (to the job the bra is supposed to).

Result: a hidden bra and a happy Jacinta.

She says it might take another person to help you get it on the first time, but after that you probably could do it yourself.

Her daughter, Jourdan, and Jourdan's friend Camille, each tried it out. They both found it worked as well. Each top is going to take a little different placement along your back to keep it hidden. But the Strap Perfect  was comfortable for all three. 

Does It Work? They all say yes. 

You can buy Strap Perfect atWal-Mart, Walgreens, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond.