Soda Stream

Published On: Feb 10 2010 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

What's more fun than drinking pop? 

Maybe making it!

"Soda Stream" is supposed to turn tap water into all kinds of flavors of pop.  The key is the cylinder filled with carbon dioxide to "fizz" the water.  We bought our starter kit for $80.  Flavoring bottles -- $5 each---then turns it in the kind of pop you want.

We get a group of middle school students to see if it's easy enough for teenagers.  The directions say to push the carbonation button until they hear three buzzes.

It takes a botched batch for us to figure out what we're listening for. But in the middle of the second try we hear the buzz.

That's when we lose our testers.

Turns out the buzz sounds like---how do we put this?--someone who has a digestive problem. Needless to say, they want to hear the buzz all they can, which makes sure we have fizzy water!

The kids pour in the root beer flavoring and are shocked.  They say it tastes just like name-brand root beer.  On a scale of one to ten, they give it a ten!

When they try the cola flavoring, they're impressed, as well.  One of our testers say it's not quite as good as a can of Coca-Cola, but it's close.

Price-wise, the small flavor bottles will make pop for about 25-cents per 12-ounces (the amount in a can of pop).  However, that doesn't count the cost of the $80 unit.

Does It Work?

All four testers say yes.  And there's only a drop or two of the cola left in the bottle!

We bought our unit from Sears, but you can also order it from the company's website:

Soda Stream USA Website