Smart Lidz

Published On: Jul 23 2008 12:00:00 PM CDT
WichitaKS -

Do you have storage bowls that are lid-less?  Or do you use your pots and pans to hold your leftovers?   Then "Chef Tony" says he has a product for you.

"Smart Lidz" claim they'll adhere to nearly any bowl you have in your kitchen (no matter what shape or size!) and keep your food fresh.   So we headed to the kitchen of Sedgwick County Extension Agent Lisa Friesen---that agency's food expert.

The lids look like the tops of drums, and when Lisa puts one on a bowl of lettuce and presses down with her fist, she's shocked.  It holds!

Next she puts a lid on a square bowl of strawberries, and then on a pitcher of red liquid.  Both are the same:  the lids stay sealed!

But the big test is time.  Over a long weekend, Lisa puts five different foods in containers and seals each with the Smart Lidz.  Four of those go in the refrigerator and one into the freezer.  Three days later, all but one is still sealed.  And that one failure may be because we filled the bowl too full.

Lisa's reaction?  She gives Smart Lidz the highest praise of any of the items she's tested for us.  Does It Work?  Lisa says yes!