Published On: Nov 04 2008 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

The commercial grabs your attention: a cloth that's supposed to pull a spill out of your carpet, leaving it dry from the bottom up. The ShamWow not only claims that, but also that it will hold 20 times its weight in liquid.

Our first tester poured a can of cola on a carpet square and used a dry ShamWow to blot it dry. One look at the liquid pouring from the carpet afterward showed us that didn't work.

Our second tester tried the same test, but this time with a wet ShamWow. He was able to wring out liquid from the cloth after the test, but the cola was so light in color, he says most of that was from the water in the ShamWow, not the cola in the carpet. And the square was still sopping wet underneath. 

Finally, we soaked a dry cloth in water to see how much it held. The ShamWow held ten times its weight in water, but that's far short of the 20 times it claims.

When we e-mailed the company, a customer service representative responded. He says the cloth works for him, but isn't sure our test of the amount it holds is "relevant." He also says it saves him time picking up spills.

But Does It Work for our three testers? No.