Shake Weight

Published On: Mar 10 2010 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Shake your way to toned arms? In just six minutes a day?

The "Shake Weight" says that's all it takes to make you look like the models on the box. It's a two-and-a-half pound dumbbell with what feels like a spring inside. Shake it and the weight seems to bounce from one side to the other.

But with a claim like that, we had to get some experts-who analyze exercise equipment as part of their job--- to check it out for us.

We find two local personal trainers, one with a PhD in Exercise Science, who wanted to try it out for themselves. But after just a couple of minutes, the news isn't good.

Wendy Williamson watches her co-worker, Preston Peterson using it, but it's what she doesn't see that catches her eye.

She says his muscles are contracting, but they're not giving him a full range-of-motion exercise. And without that, she says, you're not going to maximize your workout.

Preston says the Shake Weight may give you joint stability in your arms and if you're not doing any exercise, it's better than nothing. But both he and Wendy say you can't add weight to it as you improve your physical shape. That will limit how long you can use it.

If you use it in a different way, Wendy says you'll get a better work out in the long run. Rather than shaking it, she says use it for arm curls. That will give you the range of motion exercise you need.

And Preston says if you take a gallon of milk, drink half of it, replace the lid and shake it, and you'll come up with the very same kind of work out you get with the Shake Weight---for less than that $19.95 price tag.

Does It Work? They say it's better than nothing, if you're not working out now. But it won't be able to give you the arms you may expect in just six minutes a day.

We contacted the company that sells Shake Weights to get their response to our results. But despite calling and e-mailing them, they never returned our contacts.