Published On: Nov 19 2008 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

Don't like the showdown with your pet over trimming its nails?  Ever made your dog bleed because you cut it too close?

The Peticure says it can change that.  It claims to file your pet's nail with a rotating emery board---something like a Dremmel.  And the cost runs from $15, for the Peticure for petite pets, all the way up to $60 for large breed dogs.

Veterinarian Dr. Dan Thompson tries is out on a viewer's pair of dogs.  It's a two-person job ---one to hold the dog, and one to run the tool, but in a matter of minutes, Dan has quickly filed all the front claws on the first pet. 

Not only that, but Dr. Dan says he would have been able to tell if either dog was in pain---they weren't.  He can't always say that about the regular pet nail trimmer, which squeezes the nail to cut it.  And he's able to stop filing before he gets to the sensitive quick. 

Does It Work?  Dr. Dan says "Yes"---and says it's a well-built device.  Our viewer, Linda Pauls, says she's going to buy one.