Perfect Pancake Pan: Does It Work?

Published On: Jul 24 2013 06:10:26 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 24 2013 08:21:04 PM CDT
Perfect Pancake Pan: Does It Work?

When it comes to flipping a pancake, Brian Floyd is flawless.

"Once you break a few hundred pancakes, you start learning,” Brian said.

Brian makes hundreds of pancakes a week at Jimmie's Diner. But for those of us without a fluffed-up flapjack resume, we might get some help with the "Perfect Pancake Pan.” You can get two online for $19.95, which does not include shipping and handling.

Brian sets the gas stove top to a low setting. Then, he pours the batter into the "Perfect Pancake Pan." Brian tries it without nonstick spray because the instructions say it’s optional. Next, he closes the lid.

It takes about five minutes before Brian sees bubbles and the pancakes browning around the edges.

"And we flip it. Back on the burner it goes,” Brian said.

Three minutes later, Brian checks out his work.

"Oh, it's sticking,” Brian said.

The pancakes are far from perfect. Pieces of them are stuck to the lid. So, Brian makes another batch. But this time, he turns up the heat a little and uses nonstick spray.

Brian follows the same instructions. And, about seven minutes later …

"Oh, those look pretty darn nice,” Brian said.

He cuts into them just to make sure they're done. And they are.

Does it work?

“Yes ... it did produce some beautiful, near-perfect pancakes," Brian said.

The "Perfect Pancake Pan" says it also makes over easy eggs. We tried that too. Brian used the nonstick spray on the pan. About halfway through cooking them, he noticed all four of them were not cooking evenly. And, that was the case at the end. Two of them were over medium. Two of them were over easy.

Brian suggested letting the pan heat up evenly before putting the batter or eggs in it.

Perfect Pancake: Does It Work?