Ped Egg

Published On: Jan 28 2009 11:00:00 AM CST
WichitaKS -

You use your feet every day.  And that's why the Ped Egg's claim is getting so much attention.  Rub it on the bottom of your foot and it's supposed to remove all the  callouses and dead, dry skin you're hiding!

We head to Salon Uruku, where a stylist puts it to work on a willing volunteer.  Nearly everyone who ses it thinks the same things: looks like a cheese grater. And is that what you want on your feet?

But just a few minutes into the test, and Brittany, our stylists, is impressed.  It's removed more dry skin on Jessica's foot in the same amount of time than she takes off during a pedicure.  The skin that's removed is captured inside the product.

Jessica then tries it on her own foot.   She says its easy to use and fast!  And when she's done using the "grater", the Ped Egg has an emery board that smooths the rough edges of skin.

Minutes later she's done and her feet look great. 

Does It Work?  Brittany and Jessica both say yes!